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Posts by Nick Dahlberg

Rogers Restoration Project

My first drum set was a Frankenstein’d Rogers kit that was partial Holiday and Tower series. Both were, luckily was their famous Red Onyx wrap. When you are a kid you don’t appreciate vintage drums, you are more impressed that your favorite players had huge Pearl kits, racks, bright shinny cymbals and whatever cool powder-coated hardware that was trendy at the time. Their were many times I wanted to sell my Rogers as a kid for some cheap, common kit…

Buddy Rich, Buddy Rich Live at The Montreal Jazz Festival!

Buddy Rich was always described as, “the world’s greatest drummer.” While watching this full concert of him in his later years it’s extremely hard to disagree with that tagline! Behold an amazing powerhouse of technique, strength, focus and depth of Buddy at the Montreal Jazz Festival!

Antonio Sanchez, A Solo With A Purpose!

Antonio Sanchez is best known for the drummer for contemporary jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. He has had 3 albums out as a band leader/drummer of solo work which showcases his amazing blend of Jazz/Latin/Chops/Feel! He is a must listen and watch for any drummer interested in any of those 4  qualities. Here’s a fantastic solo from Antonio during the Modern Drummer Festival in 2003. Here’s another one from his DVD “Master Class!”    

Tommy Aldridge, Underrated Rock Drummer!

We all know the songs he drummed on by we probably don’t recognize his name. Which is a crime! Tommy Aldridge is a veteran heavy metal and hard rock drummer.  Aldridge is noted for his work with numerous bands and artists since the 1970s, such as Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers Band, Gary Moore, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent and Thin Lizzy. His most notable work was with Ozzy Osbourne’s first solo albums, “Blizzard Of Oz” and “Diary Of A Madman.”  Here’s a…

Weather Report’s, “Birdland” As An Uptempo-Boogie!

Weather Report had several famous drummers play for them through out their popularity of the 70’s. Peter Erskine was probably one of the most famous drummers to come out of their line-up. His years with Weather Report were over shadowed by the incredible Jaco Pastorius on bass guitar. If you’ve never read up on Jaco,  his playing and his personality then you are in for an odd account of a genius musician whose mental health was never treated. Here’s a great…

Gene Krupa, Constant Solo, Groove and Smiles!

Gene Krupa was known for his showmanship and drum solos. Here’s the classic Big Band tune of Benny Goodman featuring Gene Krupa, “Sing, Sing, Sing.” Of course you recognize it for his famous drum solo that the melody is wrapped around. A classic!

Virgil Donati, Math Drummer!

Australian drummer Virgil Donati few on my radar in the early 2000’s with a band called, Planet X. Amazing chops with the ability to infuse complex odd-time signatures and odd groupings. As many notes as he plays,  it feels good and amazingly enough done with Traditional Grip!  I had the pleasure of taking a Master Class with Virgil a couple years back. Let’s say those worksheets that he gave me are still in production! Enjoy the clip of Virgil playing…

Jojo Mayer, The Drumming DJ?

Jojo Mayer came onto the drumming scene in the 90’s. Always respected as a drumming guru, this guy’s claim to fame is how he has drawn a huge amount of skills from copying what a DJ does to a record. The style is referred as Drum & Bass and is very common in Dance Clubs and Spas. A huge amount of innovative technique has been developed by Jojo to sounds like a DJ’s ability to “twist” the patterns and double-time…
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