Rogers Restoration Project

My first drum set was a Frankenstein’d Rogers kit that was partial Holiday and Tower series. Both were, luckily was their famous Red Onyx wrap. When you are a kid you don’t appreciate vintage drums, you are more impressed that your favorite players had huge Pearl kits, racks, bright shinny cymbals and whatever cool powder-coated hardware that was trendy at the time. Their were many times I wanted to sell my Rogers as a kid for some cheap, common kit…

Gene Krupa, Constant Solo, Groove and Smiles!

Gene Krupa was known for his showmanship and drum solos. Here’s the classic Big Band tune of Benny Goodman featuring Gene Krupa, “Sing, Sing, Sing.” Of course you recognize it for his famous drum solo that the melody is wrapped around. A classic!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW2nkA0vjTU

Tony Royster Jr Jams With A Jam Band!

Tony Royster Jr is 28 years old now but his huge claim to fame was that he was a monster drummer by the time he was in his pre-teens. He was on tour with Jay Z in Australia when he came into a club and was asked to join the band for a tune or two. Here’s a amateur video of him that night playing, “The Chicken.” Tony Royster Jr for all his great licks and chops, the dude grooves…

John Bonham Story, Told By Dave Grohl…

John Bonham, Led Zeppelin, has said to be one of greatest Rock drummers. This is a captivating audio program from the BCC narrated by Dave Grohl. You will learn his upbringing, his rise to fame with Led Zeppelin and most importantly, he was a huge R&B and Big Band fan. So it’s a huge lesson to my students and everyone learning an instrument. Go beyond the surface of your favorite musicians. You’ll find out that what made them was music/musicians…

Bill Stewart, Master Of Ease!

Bill Stewart has made his mark in the jazz world over the last two decades. He has such an incredible feel, ease and dynamic to drums. Check out this awesome display of trading 4’s and 2’s with total ease!

Superman Soundtrack Features 15 Drummers!

Han Zimmer has conducted and written dozens of film soundtracks, everything from The Lion King to the The Dark Knight. His soundtrack that he wrote for the new Superman film, Man Of Steel features 15 drummers in a drum circle. Awesome concept considering he hired drummers from all the genres under the yellow sun that gives Superman his powers. Here’s the full list of the Superman drummers as well as a behind the scenes video of the session! Matt Chamberlain, Sheila…

My Former Teacher, Matt Calderin!

Matt Calderin was my third drum instructor, after Jeff Lee and Ken Brooks. Matt was fusion! He had all these great styles meshed beautifully. Here’s a cool tune he does with a killer half-time shuffle. He even does a drum solo in the song. Watch out for that flying stick!

Mos Def On Timpani? Awesome!

This is one of my favorite hip-hop artist, Mos Def. This performance of “Quiet Dog” has him doing the best rapping while playing timpani. His drummer in the back is doing an a killer job at keeping an…..almost Samba-esque pattern while doing some cool atmospheric fills. Check it out!

Mars Volta With Thomas Pridgen On Drums!

I remember being up and watching this Letterman episode when it first aired. I was always intrigued with Mars Volta. The band fuses Blues, Progressive Rock and Jazz beautifully. But they had hired a new drummer, Thomas Pridgen for this record/tour. My goodness does this dude nail this!      
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