Dream Theater Drummer Auditions

Dream Theater Drummer Auditions

When founding member and drummer Mike Portn0y left the band Dream Theater in September 2010 it was a shock to the drumming community. Although I was never a huge fan of Dream Theater’s non-groove/feel progressive rock, I at least respected the musicianship it took to create the songs. They went through a process of auditioning a new drummer for the band. They called upon some big names to replace Mike Portnoy’s drum throne. What an impressive list of drummers; Mike Mangini, Derek  Roddy, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Aquiles Priester and Peter Wildoer! They were all asked to have 3 requirements for the day of the audition; a prepared Dream Theater song, the ability to “improv” with the band and come up with a drum parts to a new Dream Theater song. It’s very interesting to see which these great drummers do well with the material, as well as see what some of them struggled with. I personally loved Marco Minnemann’s audition, personality, playing, groove and his Cookie Monster t-shirt! You be the judge on who most deserved the gig. Here is the 3 part audition process. Enjoy!



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