What equipment do I need to start drum lessons?

You do not need to buy a drum set to start lessons if you are a beginner. The only equipment you will need to purchase is the following:

  • Practice Pad – A pad that mocks the feel of a snare drum, minus the volume.
  • Drum Sticks – A matched pair of sticks.
  • Goal Book – A blank spiral bound notebook in which I will write down your weekly goals and your long-term goals.
  • Method Book and Worksheets – Books that I will suggest depending on your skill level and goals.

How long do I have to take lessons until I’m good?

Long story, short is you never stop learning! If are a beginner and your goals are to be able to read, have technique and play the basics in multiple styles (Rock, Blues, Jazz, etc). then I can get you up and running in just a few months. However, it depends on how hard you work. If you practice everyday the goals that I set for you, you’ll notice the difference right away! If you don’t practice and avoid the goals then lessons get repeated. Obviously this slows down your learning progress.

Now if your goal is to be the most awesome drummer who walked the Earth, again, you’ll never stop learning! Majority of my students stay with me for multiple years based on the fact that I never run out of goals for them to develop. The fun of wanting to master an instrument grows strong for those students.

Why weekly lessons, can’t I do it once every other week?

The main reason is that it keeps students in a steady progression. I assign a lot of goals in a single lesson. Sometimes assignments are practiced wrong, it happens with all students. It’s easy to fix a problem from one week’s worth of practice than two or three weeks worth of practicing it wrong.

Why don’t you offer hour lessons?

 I don’t offer hour lessons because 30 minutes is plenty of time to review the goals set the week earlier, get into new goals and have some laughs while doing it. Anything more than 30 minutes you would be paying for someone to watch you practice. So if you have a teacher who’s trying to get you pay extra for an half hour every week run for the hills!

Why private lessons, can’t I learn it from the videos on Youtube?

Youtube is an excellent source of music, musicians and tutorials. Even I have videos on Youtube. However, having a professional teacher overseeing your work, setting up multiple goals and exposing you to techniques, styles and music is a process that exceeds the rate of the “self taught” player any day!

Is there a long-term contract to sign up for lessons?

No. Lessons are month to month at $78 a month for Remote Lessons and $88 for In-Person Drum Lessons.  The only commitment is when the time for you to end your time with me, give me 2 weeks notice of your last lesson. 1) So I can finish up some of your goals. 2) It’s a classy way of ending your term with me. Remember I love my job as a teacher and I work very hard to offer a service. But it is my job. You wouldn’t want to be “let go” on a Friday with no warning, would you? Nor do I. I also ask that you do it via phone or in person by the parent/guardian or the student (if older than 18).