Joel Rosenblatt – Tasteful Chops and Good Attitude!

Joel Rosenblatt – Tasteful Chops and Good Attitude!

Growing up in South Florida I had a great drumming education because of my teachers Jeff Lee and Matt Calderin. Both taught at Resurrection Drums in Hallendale, FL and that shop had drum clinics and masterclasses every week! I soaked it up. I took notes and audio taped all the clinics so I can go back and emerge myself in all the info. Out of all the drum clinics I’ve been to, Joel Rosenblatt took 1st place for me.

Joel Rosenblatt whose best known for the fusion band Spyro Gyra was such a great clinician! He was greatful, funny, sharing and awesome player! I credit many people with me wanting to teach and one of them was Joel. Thanks Joel for influencing a young, hungry drummer!

Here’s a great video clip of Joel and his tasteful, masterful playing!


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