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“Pride Of OK” N.A.R.D.


“Pride Of OK” is the first solo snare drum piece of music out of the N.A.R.D. (National Association of Rudimental Drummers) that I show students. It’s got a little bit of everything in it from quarters to 32nd notes to 5 Stroke Rolls to Flamadiddle. Below is a video of me performing it on snare drum. As well as adding bass and hi-hat along with it.

Here’s a complete list of the rudiments involved in this piece. 5 Stroke Roll, Flam Accents, Flam, Single Stroke Roll, Paradiddle, Flamadiddle, Flam Taps, Drag, Single Ratamacue and Single Stroke 7.



Rudiments – Full List

Here’s my complete list of Rudiments! Rudiments are the drummer’s version of scales. They are named stickings in which we build patterns and help orchestrate our movements around our instrument. There’s a long standing tradition of playing Rudiments slow to fast and then back to slow. Here’s my issue with that. What’s the most common complaint about drummers? “They can’t keep time.”  Well playing a Rudiment slow and then gradually fast is not helping us correct that.  I want to be the one to end this old school thought process. In my method, you stick to one tempo and play the Rudiments within all it’s possible rhythms. For example: Single Stroke Roll. Start with Quarter Notes, 8th, 16th and then finally 32nd notes and back down.  Now you are not only learning the Rudiment  but you are learning them in a set tempo to develop a great sense of “time.”  If you find you struggle with the 16th and 32nd notes then concentrate on Quarters and 8th. After getting better with those, add 16th to the cycle. Once comfortable, add 32nd to the previous 3 measures.


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