Hi-Hat Stands – Different Types and How To Fix

Hi-Hat Stands – Different Types and How To Fix

This tutorial for the beginner drum student or parent of a drum student. In it I’m explaining the 3 most common types of Hi-Hat Stands, Pros and Cons, Parts and How To Fix them when they are not functioning. If any questions contact me. Enjoy!

3 Basic Types of Hi-Hat Stands:
A) 2 Leg
B) Flat Based
C) 3 Leg that Swivels

Clutch (Holds the Top Hi-Hat)
Felts (The Only Part Touching the Hi-Hat Cymbals)
Lock Nuts (3 on a Clutch)
Pull Rod (Skinny Rod that the Clutch is locking onto that goes all the way down to the Nut/Chain/Footboard)
Top Post
Base and Legs


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