Jazz Jam

Jazz Jam

I’m jamming on some old school Jazz/Swing grooves here! Of course I’m playing on my vintage Rogers Holiday Kit in Red Onyx. I’ve got a little of everything going on here….

*Traditional Jazz Ride Cymbal Patterns
*Snare and Bass Comping
*Gene Krupa Inspired Floor Tom Groove(New Orleans Feel with Embellished 5 stroke Roll)
*Jazz Paradiddle-Diddles
*32nd Rolls( 17, 7 and 5 Stroke Rolls)
*Swiss Triplet Stickings Between the Snare and Mounted Tom
*Straight 8th Embellishments on the Ride in a Swing Context
*Up-Tempo Boogie (“2” Feel)
*Left Foot/Hi-Hat Splashing (while doing a 32nd Long Roll on Snare with Crescendo)


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