Postmodern Jukebox – A Study in Style!

Postmodern Jukebox – A Study in Style!

For the last week I’ve been raving to all my students about this ultimate group called Postmodern Jukebox. It’s not a new practice to take a popular song and change it’s context/style. But this group of musicians lead by piano player Scott Bradlee do awesome work! Here’s a clip of them doing George Michael’s, “Careless Whisper” with guess appearance by sax player Dave Koz.

The thing to notice for us drummers are the changes in style/feels! They start with a “2” feel Swing but after the second chrous they shake it up! Tastefully! They float from “4” feel Jazz to Bossa Nova to a Slow 6/8 Blues to a 5/4 (very “Take 5”) Jazz to Straight 8th Rock to New Orleans feel and finally back to the “2” feel Swing. Well done everyone and props to Allan Mednard. Very Tasteful!


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