Skype Drum Lessons

Skype Drum Lessons

A lot of people these days can’t make it to what I call a ‘physical drum lesson’ in a studio. Whether there are no teachers in commuting distance, scheduling issues, inclement weather or the Covid-19 pandemic. the following is intended to allow anyone from anywhere access to convenient drum lessons by an experienced professional drum instructor.

Here are a few common questions I get asked about Skype Drum lessons. If you want to know more please contact me.

Why Skype drum lessons?
Many people learn to play drums by watching YouTube lessons. I have a YouTube channel where I post performances and offer up tips when I have time. Many of these YouTube videos are great and you can learn a lot from them but are you really learning in the right way? Have you picked up any bad habits that can hinder your playing? How would you know? You have no one to tell you. This is where my Skype drum lessons come in.

Via Skype drum lessons, I can watch you play as I teach you techniques, rudiments, styles and songs. I can show you where you need to tweak your technique, and even better, I can teach you in the right way from the start so there is nothing to hinder your development as a player while you learn!

What are Skype drum lessons like?
Skype drum lessons are like any other lesson. I can demonstrate, give you tips on your playing and answer any questions in real time just like a ‘physical drum lesson’. I provide lesson materials in the form of individual custom written .pdfs or book recommendations. These can be sent via Skype during the Skype drum lesson. Any pre-prepared content is sent via email before the Skype drum lesson and any material I need to prepare for you to use during the week to practice I create and email it to you the next day.

What do you teach in Skype drum lessons?
Here’s just some of the subjects covered: Rock, Jazz, R&B, Latin(Cha-Cha, Mambo, Soca/Calypso, Mozambique, Nanigo, Bossa Nova, Samba), Hip-Hop, Country, Second-Line/New Orleans, Metal, Rudiments, Drum & Fife, Reading, Theory, Technique, Double Bass, Brushes and Much More!

I will go over the famous styles of many great drummers!

What do I need for Skype Drum lessons?
First things first, you need the Skype program on your computer. It’s free and you can download it from Just install it and set up an account if you aren’t already a user.

The next thing you need is a webcam and microphone. Most laptops these days have them built in. If your computer doesn’t have them you can get a webcam with a microphone fairly cheaply online or in your local computer shop. I can also provide advice if you need it.

A printer can come in handy but is not essential.

Make sure your camera is far enough back to see your drums and you. I find it best to have it a couple of feet from the left of hi-hat. Quality of picture depends on good lighting! Have headphones without a mic. This reduces feedback of our sounds being echoed back to each other.

How do the drums sound during the lesson?

Usually they sound good but this depends on your mic in your computer. Don’t use headphones with a built in mic. The drums will sound bad on the other end. Most modern laptops, computers and webcams have great mics. Also, Tablets and Cellphones are not ideal.

How do I pay for Skype drum lessons?

Payment for Skype drum lessons is via PayPal or credit/debit. It’s safe and secure.

What’s your Policy?

My policy below is pretty straight forward. If you have any questions you can contact me.

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