Sonny Emory, R&B Groove & Chops Master!

Sonny Emory, R&B Groove & Chops Master!

In the 90’s Modern Drummer magazine, drum clinics, VHS instructional tapes and celebrity drum method books where at a peak. It was all about Dave Weckl, Chad Smith and Dennis Chambers. Those drummers were everywhere! I’m not complaining but a lot of drummers didn’t get as much coverage as much as those guys. I had the pleasure of going to many drum clinics as a teen in South Florida. Thanks to a drum shop,  Resurrection Drums I got to meet and see a ton of drummers and get a unique education. Sonny  Emory was one of these drummers I was exposed to during a free drum clinic. From note one, this guy was groove in the human form! Amazing chops but completely functional. The clinic was educational, funny and inspiring! Plus, he had to leave 5 mins early to catch a flight because his wife was giving birth.  He is best know as being the drummer for Earth, Wind and Fire during the 90’s. But he’s been on countless tours and records.  I saw this video him and it reminded me how much Sonny Emory is underrated. This guy is truly an R&B Groove and Chops Master!


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