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Buddy Rich, Buddy Rich Live at The Montreal Jazz Festival!

Buddy Rich was always described as, “the world’s greatest drummer.” While watching this full concert of him in his later years it’s extremely hard to disagree with that tagline! Behold an amazing powerhouse of technique, strength, focus and depth of Buddy at the Montreal Jazz Festival!

Weather Report’s, “Birdland” As An Uptempo-Boogie!

Weather Report had several famous drummers play for them through out their popularity of the 70’s. Peter Erskine was probably one of the most famous drummers to come out of their line-up. His years with Weather Report were over shadowed by the incredible Jaco Pastorius on bass guitar. If you’ve never read up on Jaco,  his playing and his personality then you are in for an odd account of a genius musician whose mental health was never treated. Here’s a great…

Virgil Donati, Math Drummer!

Australian drummer Virgil Donati few on my radar in the early 2000’s with a band called, Planet X. Amazing chops with the ability to infuse complex odd-time signatures and odd groupings. As many notes as he plays,  it feels good and amazingly enough done with Traditional Grip!  I had the pleasure of taking a Master Class with Virgil a couple years back. Let’s say those worksheets that he gave me are still in production! Enjoy the clip of Virgil playing…

Dennis Chambers, Great 5/8 Groove!

Dennis Chambers has always had a great feel in different genres of music. Here he’s playing “Mother’s Tongue” with John Mclaughlin and what a great groove! Comes across like a half-time shuffle with embellished ghost-notes but it’s in 5/8 to boot! Enjoy the flow of Dennis’ playing!

Vinnie Colaiuta, Amazing Drum Solo!

Vinnie Colaiuta made his name with Frank Zappa in the late 70’s, early 80’s. He went on to become a great studio and touring musician. His work with Sting and Jeff Beck are just some of his highlights to his career! Here’s a video of him doing a song of his solo CD. I present, “I’m Tweeked / Attack Of The 20lb Pizza!” Check out that amazing drum solo while the band vamps on a melody.