Terry Bozzio’s Cymbal Drum Kit!

Terry Bozzio’s Cymbal Drum Kit!

Terry Bozzio is a drumming legend. Making his start in the music business as the young drummer of Frank Zappa. He left the Zappa drum seat to start his successful pop group Missing Persons. After that he had amazing stints with Jeff Beck, Steve Vai and Mike Patton(Faith No More). He has become a solo drum artist that sells out theaters. His innovative take on drum set lay out, drum solos, linear drumming and fresh approach to creative drumming in music is just a small list of why this man is to be honored.

Speaking of innovative, look and listen to what Terry Bozzio did with an all cymbal/gong drum set. It’s amazing!


    • Nick Dahlberg Author

      That’s a great question. However, Sabian probably has a great deal of prototypes on that kit that’s it’s hard to tell. Plus, Terry uses so many combinations of stacked cymbals that it’s hard to couple the exact sound.

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