Thank You For Donating!

Thank You For Donating!

I love what I do to help continue the art of drums, technique, reading, Rudiments and everything drums. Thank you for contributing to help me continue to do so. Thank you!


  1. Jo Hay

    Thank you Nick for the great transcriptions and help breaking down songs. Ballroom Blitz is one of my all-time favorites. Looking forward to finally being able to focus on getting the feel right.

  2. Froschi

    I am very happy having found your Ballroom Blitz lesson, which gives me – quite as a beginner – a lot of trainigng stuff. Thanks a lot!

  3. Jamie

    Thank you for and excellent work on your transcription of Rosanna! I found this to be BETTER than the ones from pay-for websites and yours was free. Unbelievable.

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