Weather Report’s, “Birdland” As An Uptempo-Boogie!

Weather Report’s, “Birdland” As An Uptempo-Boogie!

Weather Report had several famous drummers play for them through out their popularity of the 70’s. Peter Erskine was probably one of the most famous drummers to come out of their line-up. His years with Weather Report were over shadowed by the incredible Jaco Pastorius on bass guitar. If you’ve never read up on Jaco,  his playing and his personality then you are in for an odd account of a genius musician whose mental health was never treated.

Here’s a great tune that Weather Report became known for, “Birdland.” It’s studio version had a Disco type of pattern on the hi-hat and was played with a straight feel. The live version down below has a great Uptempo Boogie feel and showcases Peter Erskine’s great feel and technique! Enjoy!


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